With Sete Lágrimas:

Cantiga (2014)


The cantiga is a vocal work made up of ‘words’ (lines)” and ‘sound’ (music). Its theme can either be profane or religious. The Cantigas de Santa Maria, compiled in the Court of Alfonso X, King of León and Castile (1252-84), fall into the latter category; of the former, there are about 1680 texts composed between the end of the 12th Century and the middle of the 14th, known through the Cancioneiro da Ajuda, the Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Nacional or Colocci-Brancuti and the Cancioneiro da Vaticana. In these cancioneiros there are about five hundred cantigas d’amigo texts.
The amigo is the one with whom the maiden (moça) falls passionately in love. This love, in which the mother (madre) and the young damsel’s intimate friends (irmanas) are accomplices, constitutes the main theme of the poem. Amigo, ũa moça (or equivalents), madre and irmana are key words, which when used in the first lines of a text indicate to the listener that they belong to this poetic genre.
Manuel Pedro Ferreira
in O Som de Martin Codax

Martim Codax (s. c. XIII)
Cantigas d’Amigo
01 Ai Deus, se sab’ora meu amigo
02 Quantas sabedes amar amigo
03 Ai ondas que eu vim veer
04 Eno sagrado em Vigo*
05 Mandad’hei comigo
06 Mia irmana fremosa, treides comigo
07 Ondas do mar de Vigo

Original idea by Filipe Faria and Sérgio Peixoto after the critical edition by Manuel Pedro Ferreira in “O Som de Martin Codax”, Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, Lisboa, 1986
Musical arrangements by Filipe Faria e and Sérgio Peixoto
* Music by Filipe Faria e and Sérgio Peixoto
PEDRO CASTRO Recorders, baroque oboe and bagpipe
TIAGO MATIAS Lute, vihuela and saz
MÁRIO FRANCO Double bass
RUI SILVA Historical percussion

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Terra (2011)

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This CD received ***** critics in the main newspapers and magazines in Portugal.

Mário Franco joined the group Sete Lágrimas in 2009 and since then has participated in concerts in Portugal and abroad in some of the most important Music Festivals in Europe.

The group’s recordings have frequently received, since 2008 the highest raiting (5 stars) in the main newspapers and magazines in Portugal (Expresso, Diário de Notícias, Público, Jornal de Letras,…) and has been highlighted on both general and specialist radio stations (RDP Antena 1 and 2, TSF,…) as “Editor’s Choice”.